Monday, March 17, 2014

The Tick (2001) Short-lived superhero comedy on Fox, All Nine Episodes!

Another entertaining superhero parody,starring Patrick Warburton, who shows himself here to be a better actor than I ever gave him credit for. The live action "Tick" was a followup to a successful animated adaption of an indie comic book. Sadly, the show only lasted for nine episodes, less than half a season. Happily, all nine episodes are on YouTube From Wikipedia:
The Tick is an American sitcom based on the character Tick from the comic book of the same name. It aired on Fox in late 2001 and was produced by Columbia TriStar Television. With a pilot airing on November 8, the series ran nine episodes on broadcast television. It was released to DVD in 2003.
Starring Patrick Warburton as the Tick, David Burke as Arthur, Nestor Carbonell as Bat Manuel, Liz Vassey as Captain Liberty
There's more information on the wikipedia page. Click on the link above. Here's a couple more episodes



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