Wednesday, March 5, 2014

THE BEATLES Saturday Morning cartoon show October 14, 1967

From Wikipedia

"The series consisted of short animated stories that essentially were intended to set up the visual illustration of Beatles songs that were played in their entirety. In addition, there were sing along sequences with simpler imagery complementing the full lyrics of particular songs."

"The series became notorious for its static depiction of the band in their early "moptop-and-suit" look as depicted in the live action film, A Hard Day's Night, even though the band moved beyond it during the series' run. The producers did attempt to acknowledge the band members' contemporary appearances with photographs of them in the series' title sequences during its production run."
What was great about the Beatles show was that it was loaded with great Beatles music, and it wasn't just the hits.  Songs like the authentically psychedelic "Tomorrow Never Knows" are considered classics, but in 1967,  you couldn't hear them on the radio,  which was exclusively AM.  I don't know where else a nine year old could have heard them back then.  I loved this show.

The Beatles cartoon show was created by Al Brodax, who later produced the much more ambitious feature animated feature "Yellow Submarine"

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