Friday, March 14, 2014

Homicide: The Movie (2000)

A reunion/finale of Homicide: Life Of the Streets, one of the greatest cop shows of all time.
Retired police lieutenant Al Giardello is running for mayor on a platform of drug legalization and seems to be the front-runner when he is suddenly shot at a press conference, by an unseen gunman. Unconscious, he is rushed to the hospital. In a montage sequence, each of the detectives who used to work for him during the show's 7-year run learns of the shooting and rushes to the squad room. While some of the detectives are still working Homicide, most have either quit the force, retired, or transferred to other departments. Particular attention is paid to Frank Pembleton, who is now working as a college professor, and Mike Giardello, who has quit the FBI and is now working as a uniformed officer.
Cast: Yaphet Kotto, Melissa Leo, Kyle Secor, Clark Johnson, Richard Belzer, Andre Braugher, Ned Beatty, Reed Diamond, Megan Russert, Isabella Hofmann, Peter Gerety, Jon Seda, Callie Thorne, Michelle Forbes, Giancarlo Esposito Max Perlich, Jon Polito, Daniel Baldwin

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