Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Unisphere : Biggest World on Earth - 1964 World's Fair - Promotional Film from US STEEL Corporation

The fiftieth anniversary of the sixties is well underway. Starting, I suppose, with last year's 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights march on Washington and then the Kennedy Assasination, followed by the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and the signing of important civil rights legislation by Lyndon Johnson in early 1964. As these events are observed, we're starting to get a real-time demonstration of just how fast events followed one another during those days.

This week was the anniversary of the opening of the 1964 New York World's Fair, which was certainly a big deal at the time, though I was six at the time. The symbol of the fair was the Unisphere. You saw it everywhere back then, a huge stainless steel globe. It's still there, in Corona Park, in the borough of Queens. It was restored in the early nineties. Not long ago it was used as a location for an episode of Law and Order Criminal intent, and the scene of a murder.

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