Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catie Wayne on Anyhoo: Can You Butt-Chug Powdered Alcohol?

Can someone love Catie Wayne TOO MUCH?  Ask anyone who knows me.  The answer, clearly, is "YES", but fuck it. Some things are worth being the fool.

I may love Catie on this channel  (she's got six now) most of all. It's fast paced, it's structured, it's funny, and it's not cute like WGB, which I also love, but I love this more. You watch a bunch of WGBs in a row, it feels like she's doing a shitick, but Catie on Anyhoo is just good material done right. This is so perfect that I can't stop watching it.

It may be neglected with all the attention given to her other channels, with the big rollout of Fandom Beat tied to a Brony Convention, and the popularity of Weird Gross, and Beautiful. Also, this isn't exclusively her channel, so finding the videos with Catie on them may be a chore for her fans.

I think this is more scripted than her "Weird, Gross, and Beautiful" animal vlogs, and if it's not her that's writing it, it's someone who knows how to write for her. Next time I get to ask her a question, it'll probably be about how these are written. I was apprehensive about Catie signing with a network. You hear horror stories, and I hope she got lawyered up, but it seems she's definitely making the most of it. She's far more prolific. Now it seems like she's putting out MORE than a video a day. Compared to the surprising stuff she that was doing last year, there's something raw and intimate that's lost in these polished professional videos, but there's plenty that's gained. She's still the same girl, she'll be able to draw on that powerful personal connection later, and she's left behind a wealth of material in anewhoppeee. Like the early Boxxy, like the old hairstyle, people say they "miss" the homemade Catie, but she's still right there in youtube where she's always been. Catie's learning how to be professional now, and as she would say, she's NAILING IT! Three years from now she'll be 25, which is still really young, and she'll be doing something completely different, with completely different hair. People need to stop wish she was still doing the last thing, and wait for the next wonderful surprise.

Regarding her recent hair change. The previous hairstyle was great, it was distinctive, it was a signature look, I'm glad it made the T shirts, but o god she looks so CUTE now!

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